Frequently Asked Questions

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Being a VIP

How much commission does AdmireMe charge?

We take 20% commission on any earnings.

How do I get paid?

Payments are paid weekly, on a Monday into your bank account.

Anything over £100 is paid out automatically on the next payday.

Anything earned between £20 - £99.99 can be requested for payout, or it will roll over from pay period to pay period until £100 is reached and it is paid out automatically when it is due.

Pay periods run from 00.00 Friday to 23.59 Thursday. Payments for earnings made in this period are due 11 days after the period ends (a week on Monday later).

So if a pay period runs Friday 1st January to Thursday 7th January - then payment would be 11 days later on Monday 18th January.

The next pay period would run from Friday 8th January to Thursday 14th January with the payment due on Monday 25th January.

International payments

International payments are made on a Monday but depending on the banking system may take up to 5 days to arrive.

We need the either the IBAN, Swift or routing number as well as the account number of where the payments are to be made to.

How do I become featured?

Once you have 50 items of content on your account you will automatically be featured on our home page.

The order is randomly generated every time someone accesses the home page.

What are premium posts?

Premium posts are content you as a VIP choose to charge extra for your subscribers to view. You can set your own price at a minimum of £5 and Amy paying subscribers have the option to pay extra to unlock these posts.

We expect at least 80% of your content to be available to your subscribers and included within their monthly fee - so no more than 20% of your content to be premium posts.

An easy guide is at the very least 4 free items of content for every paid post. However some of our VIPs don't charge any extra and include everything in the monthly subscription fee so don't feel you need to charge extra! Its all your own choice.