Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the FAQ categories or use the 'contact us' form if the question you want answering isn't covered!


To become a VIP, you will need to:

-Visit our homepage (https://www.AdmireMe.VIP)
-Select "become a VIP"
-Fill out all 4 sections of the setup process
-Submit ID documentation for approval
-Once approved, click "complete" profile
-Start creating content.

If you have any problems during the setup process, please contact us for advice.

There are many reasons we may reject your ID - the main one being that your full, legal name, including any middle names does not match your ID documentation.

Other reasons may include your ID being invalid. This could be because the document has expired or you have blocked out some personal information on it.

You will also not be approved if you are under 18 years of age.

If you have any issues concerning your ID, please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Most VIPs charge between £5 and £20 for their subscription price, but it can be set at any amount from £3 upwards!

The price you charge for your subscription can be changed at any time.

Aside from promoting your account, there are many ways to promote your profile.

You can always become featured, which you can find more about under our 'How do I become featured?' section. However, there are also other ways to be visible.

If you would like followers with a specific interest to be able to find you, you can always use the 'tags' feature on your profile to add specific hashtags which followers can then search for.

(Please note, you don't have to add the hashtag symbol - just simply type the word!)

Once you have published a minimum of 50 standard posts to your account, you will automatically feature on our home page.

The order is randomly generated every time someone accesses the home page.

Social media is the best way to promote your account and to help it grow, with Twitter being the most popular option.

You can even create an anonymous Twitter account without any of your personal details on so that you can advertise your AdmireMe in secret.

However, if you do not wish to promote your account at all, you can attract followers by featuring on the AdmireMe homepage.

You will earn 80% of your subscription price, for every person that subscribes.

For example, if you set your subscription price at £10, then you would take £8 from every subscription and resubscription.

However, there is also the option to charge one-off payments for premium posts and pay per view messages, just for that little extra boost.

Any money earned in the pay period which is over £100 after fees, is paid on the next pay date, where necessary.

If you have earned between £20 and £99.99 and wish to withdraw these funds, you can choose to do so for a £3 fee. Earnings that aren't requested will sit in your account until you accumulate £100 after fees. These earnings will be automatically processed on the following pay date.

The amount that you will be paid may be affected by currency conversion or transfer fees. We have no control over currency exchange rates or fees which are charged to you by your receiving bank.

Pay day is always on or just before the Monday in which your payment is due. Dates of payments can be viewed on your profile settings > payments > payouts.

Pay period runs from Friday 00.01 to the following Thursday at midnight. The payment will then be processed 11 days later. So if Friday is the 1st, the following Thursday is the 7th - payday would be Monday the 18th.

This cycle runs continuously. So the next pay period would run Friday 8th to Thursday 14th and be due to be paid on Monday the 25th.

AdmireMe takes 20% commission from your earnings.

If you have earned between £20 and £99.99 in the pay period and want it to be paid on the next pay date, you must request to withdraw it.

The request button will appear at 10am on a Monday morning within your payments section. You have until midnight on a Wednesday to select this option if you wish to receive your payout the following Monday.

If you request the payment after midnight on Wednesday, it will be added to the following week's pay run and paid on Monday a week later.

When you click the button to request this payment it will give you details of when it is due to be paid.

International payments are made on a Monday. However, depending on the banking system, it may take up to 5 days to arrive in your account.

We need either the IBAN, Swift or routing number, as well as the account number of the account in which your payments will be paid.

Payments must reach GBP £100 to be paid to Australia.

Only paying subscribers will be able to see what you post, unless you add content to your "Premium Shop".

The media contained within your posts is fully hidden until the point of purchase, at which point the subscriber can view all of your content (except premium posts).

As with uploading content to any other social media application, we would ask that you comply with our Terms of Service.

Premium posts are content that you, as a VIP, charges an additional fee for your subscribers to view the post.

You can set the price at a minimum of £3 and any paying subscribers have the option to pay extra to unlock the posts.

There is a limit to 20% of your posts being premium, ensuring that your subscribers are receiving value for money.

Therefore, you will need to publish 4 standard posts to every premium post. However, some of our VIPs prefer to include all content in the monthly subscription fee, so don't feel pressured to publish premium content - It's entirely your personal choice.

If a friend signs up to AdmireMe using your referral link, you will receive 5% of everything that they make.

This comes out of our website earnings and not your referrers, so they will still take away 80% of their own earnings.

If you referred a friend who forgot to use your referral link, please contact us on [email protected]

We will need to be provided with proof of first referral, e.g. screenshots of the conversation including the time and date. If evidence is sent to us within 24 hours of them signing up, we will be able to add you as their referral.

Your unique referral link can be found on your profile settings using the logo at the top right-hand side > referrals.

Hashtags on your profile settings are purely for potential subscribers to search for keywords that relate to the content they'd like to see. So, if they are browsing profiles and search for a specific word mentioned in your hashtag section, your account will appear in the results.

The more tags you choose, the more searches your account will appear in. Please ensure that profile tags are relevant to you and your account type.

Hashtags on individual posts are used by your active subscribers. When accessing your profile, they will have a search box in which they can enter keywords and search for specific types of content, without having to scroll right through your page.

If you'd like to change the email address associated with your account, please email [email protected] with your request. For security purposes, please attach the following information to your email:

-A picture of yourself, holding your ID document up beside your face, for comparison
-A picture of the ID document you used to register, alongside today's date on a piece of paper

If you are a VIP and wish to close your account, please contact us on [email protected] so we can assist you in doing so.

We need to ensure that you have no outstanding payments due.

AdmireMe is a platform made by a sex worker for sex workers.

Here are some of the advantages of using our platform:

• We make payments every week, on a Monday.
• All UK payments are made on time, if not earlier than planned due to bank holidays.
• Once you have published a minimum of 50 standard posts, you will automatically feature on our homepage and be visible to potential subscribers. Other similar platforms do not offer this feature, meaning that all subscriptions and earnings are subject to your own self-promotion.
• The AdmireMe homepage also offers a 'search' feature, so that potential subscribers can browse for particular words and content types. Therefore, adding lots of relevant hashtags to your profile will result in your account appearing in more searches.
• There are 5 separate categories on our homepage so that it's easier for followers to browse. The categories include women, men, couples, trans, and A-List. The AdmireMe A-List section features our most active VIPs who have over 1000 standard posts and regularly upload to their profile.
• Our new feature allows for a profile avatar/short video, rather than just an image, which will attract attention to your account whilst providing a taster to potential subscribers.
• You can publish "premium posts", which allows VIPs to charge a one-off payment for a particular post. Premium posts have proved to be more popular than paid messages (although we also offer a paid messaging service), as they remain on a VIP's profile for the duration, meaning that new subscribers have the chance to purchase them. This is also a great way to enhance your earnings.
• Your content can be organised into separate albums, for different content types/photo sets, etc.
• We are happy to promote your account on social media, retweeting you on Twitter to our thousands of followers who may then subscribe.
• We are happy to look over a VIP's account so that we can provide suggestions and ideas to potentially improve custom and enhance your earnings.
• We recently introduced the AdmireMe "Premium Shop", which enables both subscribers and non-subscribers to purchase your locked content, depending on your preferences. You will also have the option of posting a random 5 second clip from a premium video to your Premium wall, to entice potential subscribers.
• All VIP posts now have a "TIP ME" option, meaning that subscribers can send a tip at any time, and any place.
• You can add our website icon to your phone home screen for easy, straight forward access. For guidance on how to do this, please visit our website FAQ's.
• We offer VIPs a DMCA service if their AdmireMe content has been published on another platform. For more information on this feature, please email us: [email protected]
• We run competitions throughout the year which gives both VIPs and followers the opportunity to win cash and exclusive holidays etc.
• We take on board all feedback (good and bad) which is then used to make exciting new updates and improvements to our platform.
• Most importantly, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service. We respond to most queries within a 24 hour period and are always active on social media.

In the unfortunate event that someone shares your content to a third party website, we would advise completing the websites DMCA process of removal. The DMCA/report function is usually towards the bottom of a webpage, alongside 'contact us' and 'FAQs'.

There will be a step-by-step guide of how to have your copyrighted content taken down, as you (the owner and distributor) have not given permission for it to be shared on that particular platform.

To feature on the A-List, you will need to:

- Have over 1000 standard posts published to your profile
- Publish new content on at least 25 days of a 30 day period
- Be actively logged in for at least 25 days of a 30 day period

The A-List is automatic, meaning when the above points are not met, your profile will no longer be displayed in the A-List category.

If a subscriber is archived or deactivated, this means that they have closed their account, perhaps only as a temporary measure. Some subscribers will reinstate their account further down the line, whereas others may not.

The closure of an account is really common with regards to subscribers, as some may only want to access our website for a short period of time. Moreover, members cancel their accounts to avoid being billed again for their subscription.

Please don't take it personally as it really does happen all of the time. You will still receive the payment for their monthly subscription, even if they close their account.

So that your account can be found using the AdmireMe search tool, there must be a minimum of 20 standard posts published to your profile.

Until this number of posts is reached, you will need to provide followers with your URL so that they can subscribe to your page.

Don't forget that once you have a minimum of 50 standard posts, you will appear on the featured section of the AdmireMe homepage, and be visible to anyone browsing the website.

The Fresh List is for our newest creators, with a minimum of 50 posts published to their profile.

Each creator will remain in the Fresh List for four weeks, before falling into one of our other categories.

The Hotlist is a subscriber's own private list.

VIP accounts can be added to a Hotlist so that a subscriber can return at a later date and possibly purchase a subscription.

The blue tick VIP section is for creators that are verified on other social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

Our latest feature will enable VIPs to change their subscription currency to suit the country in which they are based.

The three types of currency we offer at present are: British Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.

You can change the currency on your account by following a few, simple steps:

-Click your profile icon at the top right-hand side of the screen
-Select "settings"
-Select "update profile"
-Select your preferred currency
-Input your new subscription price
-SAVE changes

A W9 form is "officially, the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, used in the United States income tax system by a third party who must file an information return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)".

Here is a link to an online W9 form which will need to be filled out and uploaded to your account:

You now have the ability to link up your AdmireMe activity with your Twitter feed. This is a great way to engage with your Twitter followers and entice them to subscribe.

You can enable auto Tweets by clicking your dropdown menu > settings > auto tweets > authorise > log in.

You will have an option of automatically publishing the following updates to your Twitter timeline:
- New subscriber
- New resubscription
- Subscriber sent a tip
- Premium post purchased
- Paid message purchased
- Published a new post

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

If your AdmireMe content has been published on another platform, please get in touch so that we can explain the process and have it taken down. The contact details for our DMCA service are:

[email protected]

Unfortunately, we are unable to create an app as the App Store won't allow adult content.

However, we are classed as a 'mobile optimised' website, meaning you can add our website icon to your home screen. To do this, you'll need to:

-Launch Safari
-Navigate to AdmireMe.VIP
-Tap the share icon (the square with an arrow pointing upwards)
-Select "Add to Home Screen" and then "Add"

-Launch internet browser
-Navigate to AdmireMe.VIP
-Tap the menu icon (three dots in the corner)
-Enter a name for the shortcut and select "Add".

The AdmireMe Premium Shop enables VIPs to select and showcase their premium (locked) content, should they wish to do so.

Adding to your Premium Shop and adapting your settings will allow even those who are not subscribed to your page to purchase your content.

There are a variety of styles of how you'd like your locked content to appear before it is purchased, which can be edited in your settings under "My Premium Shop".

Your Premium Shop will automatically activate when you add a post to it.

For example, when you create a premium post, you will get a choice of whether to add it to your Premium Shop or not before you save it.

Your already existing posts can be edited and added to the Premium Shop, which will also activate it once saved.

When creating or editing premium post to add to your Premium Shop, you will be asked to select whether you'd like non subscribers to be able to purchase it, otherwise only those who have paid a subscription fee will be able to purchase the post.

This is entirely your own decision.

When publishing a premium/locked video, you will have the option of showing a 5 second, random clip to entice buyers to purchase the full length video.

All payments made to AdmireMe will appear on a bank statement as "Kiwi Leisure AdmireMe".

This is something which is determined by our card provider and we are unable to edit it in any way.

You can now edit your settings to allow subscribers to see when you were last online within the last 7 days.

This enables subscribers to see which VIPs are most active, which can be a major selling point.

To enable this, head over to settings > update profile > show on your profile when you were last online.

If you post content to your free/teaser wall, anyone who follows you to view the content will appear on your payments/profile as a free follower.

They will only see whatever you choose to post on your teaser wall, and would need to subscribe to you to view the rest of your profile and content.