Frequently Asked Questions

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International payments are made on a Monday but depending on the banking system may take up to 5 days to arrive.

We need either the IBAN, Swift or routing number as well as the account number of where the payments are to be made to.

Payments must reach £100 to be paid out to Australia.

If you are a VIP and wish to close your account, please contact us on so we can do this for you.

This is to ensure that you have no outstanding payments due.

Thre are many reasons for us to reject your ID, the main one being that your name does not match.
The name you give us must exactly match the one on your ID, including middle name and no nicknames (Jess instead of Jessica, etc.)

Other reasons could include your ID being invalid. This could be because it is out of date, or you have blocked out some information on it.

You will also not be approved if you are underage.

If you have any issues concerning your ID, please contact and we will be happy to help.

Social media is the best way to promote your account and to help it grow, with Twitter being the most popular option.

You can even create an anonymous Twitter account, without any of your personal details on so that you can advertise your AdmireMe in secret.

However, you do not have to promote at all and can gain followers from being on our featured page.

If a friend joins the site through your referral link, you will receive 5% of everything that they make.

This comes out of our earnings, and not your friends, so they would still earn 80%.

If you referred a friend but they did not use your link, contact us on with proof of this, e.g. screenshots of a conversation, and we will manually add you as a referrer.

You will earn 80% of your subscription price, for every person that subscribes.

For example, if you set your subscription price at £10, then you would take £8 from every subscription and resubscription.

However, there is also the option to charge extra for premium posts and messages, just for that little extra boost.

Once you have 50 items of standard content on your account, you will automatically be featured on our home page.

The order is randomly generated every time someone accesses the home page.

Aside from promoting your account, There are many ways to get it out there!

You can always become featured, which you can find more about under our 'How do I become featured?' section, however, there is also another way.

If you would like followers with a specific interest to be able to find you, you can always use the tags feature on your profile to add specific tags (but you don't need to add an actual hashtag!), which followers can then search for.

most VIPs charge between £5 and £20 for their subscription price, but the price that you would like to charge is completely up to you!

We take 20% commission from your earnings.

Only those who are paying for your subscription can see what you post.

The media contained within your posts is fully hidden until the point of purchase, at which point the subscriber can view all of your content.

As with uploading content to any other social media application, we would ask that you comply with our Terms of Service.

Premium posts are content you as a VIP choose to charge extra for your subscribers to view. You can set your own price at a minimum of £5 and any paying subscribers have the option to pay extra to unlock these posts.

There is a limit of 20% of your posts being premium, to ensure that your subscribers are getting good value for their money.

An easy guide is, at the very least 4 free items of content for every paid post. However, some of our VIPs don't charge any extra and include everything in the monthly subscription fee so don't feel you need to charge extra! It's all your own choice.

Pay day is always a Monday.

Pay periods run from Friday 00.01 to the following Thursday at midnight. These are due to be paid 11 days later. So if Friday is the 1st, the following Thursday is the 7th - pay day would be Monday the 18th.

This cycle runs continuously. So the next pay period would run Friday 8th to Thursday 14th and be due to be paid on Monday the 25th.

Any money earned in the pay period which is over £100 after fees, is paid in the next paydate when due.

If you have earned between £20 and £99.99 and wish to withdraw these funds, you can choose to for a £3 fee. If you don’t withdraw them, they will sit in your account until you accumulate £100 after fees then will be due to paid on the following pay date.

If you have earned between £20 and £99.90 in the pay period and want it to be paid on the next pay date, you must request to withdraw it.

The button will appear at 9am on a Tuesday morning within your payments section. You have until midnight on Thursday to receive your payout the following Monday. If you request this payment after midnight on Thursday it will be added onto the following weeks pay run and paid on Monday a week later.

When you click the button to request this payment it will give you details of when it is due to be paid.